Sunday, 17 July 2011

Working at a Studio

Hello guys and gals,
With thanks to Mahesh Pagar who posted on our facebook page, we would like to share some info about working in a studio.

After working hard on a reel, getting your first break and successfully landing a position at a studio, your First Day at an Animation Studio can seem a little strange. Kenny Roy, tutor at Animation Mentor, introduces a few tips on how to turn that first week into a productive one.

Kenny talks about being familiar with the studios rig, using simple exercises to build your understanding. The same should be applied when becoming familiar with any new rig. If you've never used either Moom, Norman, Morpheus or Eleven before, don't jump straight into a difficult acting piece. Have a play and become familar with its set of controls. It will save you time and your work will often look better for it.

Character Design
This can be done at any level. Carlos Baena worked on Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story 3. In his recent post, Toy Story 3 Animation Test (2010), Carlos presents work he did to become familar with such a established character. Knowing the shots were not going to be used in the film, he allowed himself the freedom to make mistakes.
Crunch Time
Often in a studio you will experience tight deadlines, where quality work needs to be produced fast to meet the production schedule. Brendan Body takes you behind the scenes of Legends of the Guardians, where he explains the pressures and experience of working in 'crunch time'.


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