Monday 14 May 2012

MC 31: Eeek! A Monster!

Hi all!
This time round, I think it would be cool to step back from full body action and take a stab at the face again.

Thanks to this thread and especially Kyle's post I got the idea to give you a setting and you animate the character reacting to it according to it's personality.

So, to start with something rather simple, have your character being faced with a hideous monster.

Quoting KyleG, your character could for instance react this way:

A strong heroic soldier would react by puffing up his chest and grabbing a gun
A scared scientist would scream and start to shake
A young girl may scream a pass out
A young boy may look at it in wonder and smile
But there are multitudes of ways you could animate this encounter.

This Animation doesn't have to be that long, I'd keep it at 75 frames for now, so make sure all your poses are clearly readable and instantly understandable.
You don't need to have the monster visible either, rather concentrate on showing your character's emotions.

Deadline would be at June 4th, so you don't have any excuses to not participate :D

Here's a link to how to use the dropbox, please try and keep the videos below 10 MB, and if any more questions arise, Steve did a nice FAQ here.

Now have fun!