Saturday, 28 April 2012

MC 29: Lets take a walk!

This time we have a multitude of happynesses to show. The amount of participants positively knocked me off my feet. Thanks to all who took part in this!

First up is J.K. Riki's great entry of quackin' happyness!

After that, it's Iestyn Roberts' happy awesome ice cream skid. Boy I envy that kid right now!

Third entry is Owen Harvey's animation of pure olfactory pleasure, which seems to take Eleven right to the next happy level.

The fourth clip comes from Jigar Chandra, who animated the happiest bus-schedule reader I've ever seen.

Next up comes Tim Katzgrau's entry, who shows how easily a scrooge can be made very happy.

Patrick O'Brien shows in his animation that balls with legs can be happy, too.

Last up comes Guillaume Gilbaud with his awesome happiest pilot in the whole world! And I finally got to update this compilation so it now shows his final piece.

Great work, all of you!


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