Saturday 17 March 2012

Mini-challenge animations

Its been a while since I have had the opportunity to post these animations, but with a bit of time on my hands and a cup of tea at my desk, it was due time I shared some beautiful work made for the mini-challenges.

First up, we have the entries from MC 25: Let's Fight! I enjoyed seeing a great range of artists sink their teeth into this one, as they fought and battled their way through.

The mini-challenges then took a side step from body mechanics to focus upon facial animation. The challenge was to think about how and why people smile, frown, scream, laugh and cry! I think over these two challenges, Wolfor really took to it and grew between the two pieces (both using the Malcolm rig). Great work by all!

(MC 26: The Scream)

(MC 27: The Smile)

Please note, more names to follow...