Saturday, 17 September 2011

Mc 15: animal antics

The last challenge was wildly tough, so I was delighted to see so many great entries.
Jino Jacildo showed just how snake like he could be with his beautiful lizard. Arnold Balaka broke the mysterious news of the missing Dr Norman. Odair Martins showed off his devilish side, Guilherme Mello Oliveira's puppy looks adorably fun, while Kai hunted for food as a meerkat. Simples! To complete the tribe, we have a beautiful entry by David Thornfield.

Altogether a lovely bunch of animals. Well done guys!


  1. really like it specially the first one!!

  2. They all turned out very good. Congrats to everyone!

  3. Nice job, folks! I wonder if this one was harder in 2D, hence why we didn't get any 2D entries. I know it scared me off, just because of the complexity of the poses! (Well, and I had other work to do... But still.)

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