Sunday, 27 November 2011

MC 19: To spook or not to spook

Hey guys and gals,
This challenge was created to celebrate Halloween on the 31st October. The entries really capture the spirit!
The first entry is created by JKR. I loved the devilish antics of the ghost, that scared the bananas out of poor Fred. It is our first 2d entry in colour!! Second up, is a ghoulish entry by Arnold Balaka, followed by Guilherme Mello Oliveira. Really glad Guilherme's clip cut before the baby started crying.... Last up, and he cheated a bit due to time restraints, is a freakish take by Wolfor. However, warm congratulations, because it really is great animation!

Now to run out of here myself. If you have any thoughts on the work created, please place them in the comments section.

Till next time, happy animating!


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