Wednesday 18 May 2011

Mc 7: Walk Cycles

Mc week 7: Walk cycles from mini-challenges on Vimeo.

Hello, last fortnight's challenge was to produce a walkcycle meeting certain criteria. The work has been produced by Benny Kan, Abhi Kalra, Nick Swanson, Somnath Nabjja , Steven Hawthorne, Matthew Finch and Vishakha Bardoloi

It must be noted that the final two walkcycles were not done to the brief, however the excellent results produced within the event's timeframe, meant I had no choice but to exhibit their beautiful work. The female walk cycle but Matthew Finch, although unfinished was actually achieved in 45 mins!!! It's an appealling combination of two rigs, the body being that of the new Eleven rig while the head is a blenshape of the Morpheus rig. Nice work all round!!