Monday, 31 October 2011

Mc 18: Lamp and ball

Hello guys and gals,

I loved seeing the entries in this challenge. Each entrant answered the brief perfectly, providing their own unique twist to the classic lamp and ball exercise.

I greatly enjoyed Guilherme Mello Oliveira's creative idea of pixo wheeling himself into the scene. It was both appealing and appropriate to the character, while also being an effecient way to move without having to animate every jump.

In Klaw's entry, I enjoyed again the appropriate use of the neck. Also, the break up of actions provided pixo with time to think. Great work! Arnold Balaka shows off his love of games through adapting the lamp into a Splinter Cell spy, while Avijit Dey pays a subtlely creative tribute to Steve Jobs. Next, Joanna's presents the curious nature of her lamp, while Jino Jacildo really lightened up the mood with a playful interaction.

Last up is Wolfor's sci-fi piece. I really enjoyed his playful balance between an act of death and innocence.

Congratulations to all and thank you for participating!


  1. Great job, folks! Some quality stuff in here, and a nice tribute. Sad I couldn't join in this one, but work was crazy and doing a lamp 2D is seriously time consuming.
    Till next challenge!

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