11SC Winner Interviews

Character DesignPeter Nagy interview (January 2012)
Pete becomes the first person to win with both 2D and 3D entries!

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Andrew Chesworth (December 2011) Andrew wins for the second time in a row with another great 2d piece.

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Andrew Chesworth (November 2011)
Beckett finds himself in a spot of trouble, animated beautifully by new Disney talent Andrew Chesworth.

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Jason Hendrich (October 2011)
Jason won with a character that has strong opinions on both children and adults.

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Will Sharkey (September 2011)
Will Sharkey won our 11SC competition in September, presenting a sorrowful confession of a priest who loses faith in his religion.

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Character DesignPairatch Lertkajornwong (August 2011)
During the month of August, everybody at the 11 Second Club was Kung Fu fighting, animating as fast as lightning!!

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Trent Correy (July 2011)
Trent Correy won July 2011's competition with his beautiful entry about a Spaniel named Harry.

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Vivian Guiraud (June 2011)
Vivian Guiraud won the crown of landing first place position in June's 11 Second Club competition.

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Arthurnal and Emanuel Interviews (May 2011)
This month, not only do you get to read the story and thoughts from animator Arthurnal, but we have invited composer Emanuel Parment to share some words too.

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Leo Ito (April 2011)
We welcomed back the 11SC interviews with this wonderfully honest interview from Leo Ito.

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Veerapatra Jinanavin (February 2011)
Veerapatra Jinanavin, (also known as Keko), the megamind behind this month's winning entry, stops by to say a few words.

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Edwin Schaap (January 2011)
Edwin won January's competition, presenting a natural flow of conversation between two men from the wild west

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BJ Crawford (November 2009)
BJ Crawford visits the 11SC club for his third win of 2009, presenting a story of Santa's Cocoon of Horror!

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Peter Nagy (October 2009)
Eric Scheur talks with Peter about bringing to life his slimy salesman. Your eyes may feel a little glazed after this one, great interview with lots of additional content.
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Liane-Cho Han (September 2009)
Beautiful tone to Liane-Cho's performance, that captured the raw and reserved energy of the dialogue.

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BJ Crawford (August 2009)
I'm not sure what we've got here Charlie, but it looks like a second winning performance from an 11SC legend!

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Ales Mav (July 2009)
Don't look down... but instead have a peep into Eric's wonderful interview with Ales Mav.

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