Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Mc 14: The diving board

Hey guys and gals,
Here are the efforts for the diving board mini-challenge. What I really loved about this one, is the beautiful mix of both 2d and 3d. All of the clips look fantastic.

Ajnabee starts the compilation off with interesting use of squash and stretch with the Joe Rig. May's monthly winner, Arthurnal, introduced the idea to me of the head popping off like a ping pong ball. Ajnabee pulls this move off just as beautifully.

Next up is C-Nielson's 2d entry. Really liking the rigidity and weight of that diving board.

The next 2d entry is produced by JKR. Again the weight, but also the choice of the 3/4 perspective view, really makes this one stand out.

Next two up are contrasting between the 3d efforts of fbmaq007 and Stacy H, cartoony v poise and elegance.

We then finish strongly with Guilherme Mello Oliveira (love the arc on the leap) and a comic and surprising entry by Kai.

All round great work by all. Thank you to all for your participation and good luck on the next challenge


  1. Woo! Happy to see so many entries this go around. The Dive was a fun one to work on, and I learned a ton (especially about leaving time for revisions, lol). Good work, everyone!

  2. These are amazing, good work everyone. The best results from the challenge so far i think.

  3. Aweosme..Good Work Every one.... I had Lots of Fun..

  4. Didn't know Anuj was working for this Mini Challenge! Didn't know that they had a Mini Challenge Here! Ha!

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