Monday, 1 August 2011

Mc 12: The Swing

Hey guys,
here are the community efforts for the 12th mini-challenge. They include an adventurous attempt by Iestyn Roberts, bending the Norman rig into all contortions for a baseball swing. Eric Swymer tried an unusual angle for his zombie attack, Kiopaa presents a tennis serve with some beautiful squash and stretch, while Elliot Russell shows off our first traditional 2d attempt!
Great work guys!


  1. Hey, thanks for uploading these! Thanks also for the link to my blog - but for some reason, it doesn't work. I think you've added %20 to the end of it, and it won't open?

    - Iestyn

  2. They all look really good! In terms of the 2D one, I love the feel of it, very cartoon-y. Though adding more drawings if often the answer (and that much more work) I feel like it could really shine with a moving hold as the dog gets in the ready position at marker 11/12. When he leans back with his arms back. One of my favorite tutorials that demonstrates this is right here at the 11 second club, so maybe check it out!

    Anyway, nice job all around, I look forward to seeing future months challenges!

  3. Thanks for the feedback JKR : )

    I'll check out that link.

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