Wednesday, 6 June 2012


iANIMATE has started a new web series of short tutorials and tips for the public. They just posted there second video in there "iANIMATE.NET LAB" series that focuses on blocking.  Mike Walling from DreamWorks talks to us about how he focuses on a simplified singular pose before he moves on to adding his offsets and other actions that make your animation stand out. This is very similar to the same way I block. For me I can read my animation better if I look at each pose as its own 2D drawing. Keeping in mind that they need to all work together I build them off each other until I have a series of strong poses working with the 12 principles of animation. This process makes the transition into spline more enjoyable and allows me to spend less time fighting a broken animation and more time making my existing blocking pop.

Please click here to watch the video. 


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  2. Mike Walling from DreamWorks Pay to Do my Coursework converses with us about how he concentrates on a disentangled particular stance before he proceeds onward to including his balances and different activities that influence your movement to emerge. This is fundamentally the same as a similar way I piece. For me I can read my liveliness better in the event that I take a gander at each stance as its own 2D drawing. Remembering that they have to all cooperate I manufacture them off each other until the point when I have a progression of solid stances working with the 12 standards of movement.

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