Wednesday 25 July 2012

Manar Al Tawam

Hey guys and gals,

Normally, through a wish to remain unbias, I don't highlight an individual's work. However, I have to admit when I saw Manar Al Tawam's work, I became an instant fan. Since his class one reel, I loved how he has taken the usual animation exercises and tried something new.

Animation Mentor Class 3 Progress Reel from Manar Al Tawam on Vimeo.

On his blog, Manar includes some of his wip's. Alongside, he has provided some inspirational notes from his course at Animation Mentor. Please check out Manar's blog, including the wonderful post Clarity and Overlapping Ideas.

Manar's AM class three was taught by Jason Martinsen. Manar compliments his mentor's technique of 'grabbing clips from animated movies & analyze them in terms of posing, overlap, anticipation.. etc'. Please check out how Jason uses this technique in his reel comparison in feature films including Rio, Horton Hears a Who and Ice Age.

Inspirational. My thanks to both artists.