Sunday 16 September 2012

Stop Motion Tutorial: Start-up Guide

Most of the questions I get about stop motion have to do with getting started, so here is a tutorial that will hopefully get everyone shooting.  This one covers the basic tools, like lights, camera and software and gets into the first principle of animation to master--timing.

Some more FAQ:

Where do you buy this stuff?
Electronics from Amazon (I like their return policy), art supplies from Michael's (craft store), costumes from Toys r Us, and lights from eBay.  You can get armature wire from an art store or Amazon.

What kind of clay?
Van Aken.  Craft or art supply store.

Does the clay get on your hands?
Very much so.  Especially the darker colors like blue and black.  I animate with a package of wipes near by.

How long does it take?
Character animation takes about an hour a second.  Walking and multiple characters takes longer.

Where do you get your armatures?
I managed to get a couple from a studio I worked for.  I have also bought some from the Stop Motion Store, and made them out of wire.

Are you going to make any more tutorials?
This is probably it for 2012.  I'm putting in overtime on Dead Space 3, and I have an animated Christmas video in the works.  But I have it in mind to do one on animating a walk and building sets.