Sunday, 24 April 2016

Workflow tips

Hello guys and gals,

There are many different ways to create, teach and learn animation. For me, this blog has given me the opportunity to talk to many that I admire, and try to adopt their ways into my own workflow.

Here are two more:

The Animator's Checklist
Gabriel Poignet has shared a series of checkpoints about the different stages of animation production. I particularly enjoyed the detailed breakdown of how to make a good strong pose.

POSE or All you need to know to make a good pose
TEMPLE or How to study Animation?
GENERAL WORKFLOW or What are the different steps to create a shot?

Chris Goodall has began posting tips on topics such as how a junior should use video reference.

Through the interviews, I have had the privilege to share the behind the scenes use of reference. The winners is highly often detailed, but even at a TV studio, where quotas can be high, I've personally valued the importance of video reference from understanding the basic posing of an animal leaping, running etc to how a human sits, stands, talks and moves.

What should you learn as a junior animator


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