Wednesday 7 September 2011

A couple helpful links

Hey everyone!

People often spend so much time hunting for the right audio clip when they begin a dialogue shot. The other day we gave you an archive of film clips and now over at Spungella; they have directed us to a great archive over at I checked it out for a little bit and found some wonderful clips without even trying. I hope everyone can find something great, providing good practice to the 11 Second Club competition.

The next link I wanted to share with you is a figure drawing Q&A with Michael Hampton. It was recorded live and gives great advise to those learning or refreshing there live and/or figure drawing skills. Please click the pic to view.

Character Design

Speaking of figure drawing if you have not already I highly suggest reading Drawn to Life 1 and 2. They will help you in your planing stages and teach you how to get that perfect pose.