Monday 12 September 2011

Mc 16: the slam dunk!

Hello guys and gals,
Battle Ball

Take the ball and dunk it into basket, simple! Or not. This challenge is based upon the inspirational work of Kyle Kenworthy, for the game Battle Ball! When I first saw it posted on our 11 Second Club forum, I grew in love with its creativity. He has taken the sport and taken it to the extreme.

A variety of shots are showcased on his personal blog. Each shot took 12 hours to do which really is an incredible turnaround. You may discover his production process here.

Double Dribble
Please note Kyle is a very experienced and talented animator.  The challenge is not asking to produce something as complicated as some of Kyle's shots, but instead asking you how you would slam the ball into the basket. You could be inspired by the Goofy short, Double Dribble, or the 90's film Spacejam. Alternatively, maybe you have your own unique idea. Just slam that ball through the hoop!

Usual rules apply. Time frame is two weeks, finishing on 26th September. 16-9 format.

Approximately 100-125 frames is recommended, though shorter is allowed. We welcome quality over quantity, so if you have a complex idea, keep it short. It is recommended to only use one character. If you have any other questions, please check our How to participate section.