Saturday, 12 November 2011

Fighting game character, story and animation

Hello guys and gals,
In this post, I wish to show you all some gaming content as a way to open up a different way of looking at pantomime and body mechanic exercises.

Mortal Kombat
Mortal Kombat Fatali
Being born in the 80's, I had the wonderful opportunity to experience the release and growth of Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat and a bit later, Tekken. I just loved the characters! I had several gaming magazines, where I spend time drawing the characters from each of the series and even included them in a comic book story for my secondary school ''Religious Education'' homework.
Each character has their own way of moving and fighting, which has been determined by their unique backstory and personality. Please note, this link includes adult content of blood and gore, but I hope to highlight Mortal Kombat's variety of Fatalities as a creative display of cinematograpy and character.

Next, I wish to mention a recently on the 11SC site. Chocobilly posted a link to Richmond Chaisiri's blog, Art-Eater, where he discusses the animation principles used in Capcom's 1994 title, Darkstalkers. Again, great creativity that is unique to each character. The game is admittedly new to myself, but looks gorgeous!

Please click here to view Richard's post

To finish, I wish to link to a shortfilm produced by Blu Studios for the DC Comics. It presents a selection of well loved superhereos and villians, fighting for the saviour of mankind. The body mechanics are executed superbly and are so fitting to the story. Beautiful stuff, hope you enjoy!

Please click the pic to watch. Thank you!

Character Design


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