Monday 5 March 2012

Mc 28: Its Hammer Time!!

A recent request on the 11 Second Club was to bring back some body mechanic exercises for the mini-challenges. First, I thought about doing a weight lift, but we wanted to find something a little different...

Visiting the website of Andrew Chesworth provided just the answer I was looking for. Just check out this collection of Railway works for his shortfilm The Brave Engineer.

Designs are property of Andrew Chesworth

The challenge we lay down before you is to animate somebody using a hammer. Hammers come in many shapes and sizes, but each are designed with its own purpose. You could animate a war hammer, a blacksmith, a railway worker, maybe even a fair goer testing his strength at the high striker.

You could even animate one of the seven dwarfs, working a way at the mine. A past challenge was inspired by a clip of Sneezy the Dwarf, animated by Stina Boberg. We would love to see one of the other dwarf's come to life! Please click the pic to watch a clip of Heigh Ho from Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

 (Grumpy, Copyright of Disney)

As always the animation could be anywhere between 75-125 frames. If you have any questions about submission requirements, please check How-to-participate section for more details. Deadline is Monday 19th March. 

Happy Animating!