Sunday 16 October 2011

Character design and concept art

Hello guys and gals,
This post started after spotting a Spungella post with a link to an interview of Sergio Pablos, director of The Spa Studios, who designed the main characters of Rio and were responsible for the original idea of Despicable Me.

Sergio sounded an interesting character, so I checked to see if he had any further work. I found The Spa Studios' website and it is amazing!! The demo reel section is full of shots from some of the world's best loved films, while the ''gallery'' contains a great wealth of storyboards and character designs.

You may find some great interviews on character designs on the Character Design blog. Lots of links to some fab interviews and artworks.

The last link I wish to highlight, is the  website of character design Carter Goodwich. Carter has worked on some great films including Shrek, Sinbad and Finding Nemo. Click the image to check it out!