Monday 24 October 2011

MC 19: To Spook or Not to Spook

Candy by Katy Towell
This mini-challenge is inspired by Halloween, which arrives on the 31st October of each year. It is an event upon which the Celts believed the barriers between our world and the spirit world were at their weakest and therefore spirits were most likely to be seen on earth. Creepy!!

There are two sides to this challenge. Your can either take the role of the spook, through which your character does something devilish and scary. This could be perhaps be a zombie, vampire or some other kind of monster.

Alternatively, you can animate somebody being spooked/frightened. A few simple suggestions could be a take or running away, but most importantly be creative and have fun!

This is one of our first pantomime pieces and therefore we strongly suggest that 3d animators use a rig that they are comfortable with. This could be a ball with tail, a ball with legs, or a full biped. Justin Henton's Re-Animated presents a wonderful combination of all three for his Class 2 of Animation Mentor. You could even use the flour sack rig or the pixo lamp.

For 2d artists, this challenge may present you with opportunity to play with character design. Please check out one of my favourite flash films, Candy by Katy Towell.

As always frame rate should be 24fps, and animation length should be about 100-125f. Deadline is 7th November. Remember to keep the animations family friendly and please check the ''How to Participate'' section for more notes on submission requirements.

Good luck and Happy Halloween!