Monday 31 October 2011

Kelly Perez: workflow for character animation

Character DesignWorkflow is a big topic on forums. With many artists having different methods of production, it can seem confusing how to get the most out of your reference. This tutorial invites you to a blog by Kelly Perez, an Animation Mentor graduate who now hosts weekly lessons for the school. Kelly posts her notes from her lessons and they are just fab!

I really love how she encourages reference for eye movement to be shot separately. As everyone knows, the eyes are windows to the soul and the first place the audience looks to read a character's thoughts. To shoot this separately from the mouth will allow you to both room and time to focus on detail.

Please click the image to check it out, but be aware it will only take you to one part. You will need to clickher blog's header to explore the other parts of her tutorial.

Also to check out Kelly's website and reel, please click here.