Monday 11 April 2011

Line of Action and good posing

I have noticed Ron Doucet's discussion on line's of action floating around the net and thought be great to introduce it to the blog. Taking examples from Disney's 'Mickey's Christmas Carol', he presents many great examples of how line of action is used in character performance.
I love how he also presents the notion of negative spacing within a pose.

p.s. either I'm dreaming, or I've seen a tutorial on Line of Action done by one of the animators on the film. If anyone spots it, please give me a shout)

Keith Lango Tutorial
I believe Keith's set of tutorials are fab. He makes things simple, clear and easy to understand. Here, Keith explains how the 'the best poses are those that have energy in them'. Even once you've found your pose, watching the video you'll find how to push it, twist it, add torque and get more interest out of it.
The tutorials can be found on Keith's youtube page. Please click on the two separate links

Tutorial- Creating Good Poses (part 1 of 2)
Tutorial- More On Creating Good Poses (part 1 of 2)