Friday, 26 August 2011

Tips for the Aspiring Professional Animation Artist

Cartoon Brew posted a great link to Waveybrain's blog post about starting off learning animation. After running into unprepared students and the frustration that seems to be industry wide with this he wrote a great post about what to expect if you want to animate at a major studio. With focus on other disciplines to study inorder to push yourself he dose a great job at explaining why you need to do more then just animate. This is something that I have been embracing for a little bit as well. On top of my regular life drawing I have been working on a concept art portfolio doing sets, storyboards, characters and color scripts, learning final cut and after effects and helping friends with there film projects so I can learn about everything. I dont think as animators we can ever have too much background. We make things come to life, so we need to know all about how to to it so that when we animate people believe the life we put out there.


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