Monday 15 August 2011

Mc 14: the diving board

Hello guys and gals,
After a week's break, the challenges the are back! This time around its a jump from a diving board. Mechanics are most important here, so perhaps research some Olympic dives and choose one you wish to push further through animation. For those who wish to incorporate some story aspect, you could also choose to broaden the idea and have somebody leaping off of a pirate plank! Argghhh......Splash!!!

To give you an idea of how you could approach this challenge, please check out this 'Stewie's flop on Diving Board', a beautiful Animation Mentor assignment by DayDreamer Pro. If you like the student's spring in the board, you may wish to check out the recent 'Adding bend to polygon object' by Camaro.

It has been great seeing the participation of 2D animators recently and I hope this for this to continue. However, for Maya users, Wolfor has kindly donated a diving board scene. Please feel free to use this for the challenge. The scene will continually be hosted from the blog enabling animators to practice at a later date.

Again, this two week animation challenge (ending on 29th August) should be around 100-125f with a 16:9 ratio. Choice of rig is up to you guys, whether you wish to use a ball with tail or a full biped. For further details, please read the 'How to Participate' section on the blog. Thank you!

Hope you all enjoy!