Thursday 1 December 2011

24 hour challenge

Hey guys, so a few of us had discussed the possibility of having an annual 24 hour animation challenge. The idea is we will start from a certain time in the day, everyone wanting to participate can meet on skype(most likely a Sunday).
From there the days assignment will be handed out. Everyone will have the same amount of frames, same shot, same everything to work with, and will have 24 hours to complete the piece. Time frame will always be around 2-3 seconds.
From here we can all communicate via skype, our successes, our struggles, our workflow etc....
If ppl are having issues someone working on the same shot will be available to help.
From chatting on skype so far, myself and 3 others have expressed interest.
Anyone else who is interested in hopping on board please comment below and leave your skype name. We will set up a skype room with all interested animators and start the challenge on an appropriate date.
Don't be afraid of not feeling skilled enough to join in. It's a great opportunity to experience first hand how others approach a scene, and get some really fast feedback, and of course to learn!