Monday 12 December 2011

Animator Letters Project

If you have gotten into a mental rut or just a feeling like giving up because your shots to hard head over to the great blog Animator Letters Project. They are building a collection of great letters to aspiring animators from animators all over. Right from the start they hit you with the best pep talks ever.

"Ultimately, the struggles that we have- the creative blocks we all face- come from comparing ourselves to others. I'm not as good as that person. I'm not as successful as that person. That person is at the level I want to be at and I don't have it in me to get there. I do this constantly. But I realized a few years ago that what I SHOULD be doing is comparing myself to myself." - Steve Anderson, Director of 'Winnie the Pooh'

"To all you who want to be animators..first and foremost, you must find and recognize the same desire to create. Not only for others but to create for yourself. To create for the primal need to just create. Don't create for the sole reason and purpose of entertainment: to make others laugh and cry. Create to appeal to yourself." -Daniel Gonzales III (PIXAR)

There is also a Facebook fan page

Enjoy, and happy animating.