Monday 5 December 2011

MC 22: You make it feel like Christmas

Character Design Hello guys and gals,
This is the last mini-challenge of the year, starting back up on 2nd January. It's titled ''YOU make it feel like Christmas!''.

So, what should be expected? Well, thats down to you! It could be animating a somebody opening a present or it could be a toy soldier. It could be a snowman, father christmas or even an elf, like in this great animation by Daniel Asher Harman. Please click to watch!

There's also the opportunity to do something Tim Burton-ish and do a spooky Xmasy clip, inspired by Nightmare Before Christmas. Or another ghoulish delight is that of Jacob Marley, whose spirit is captured beautifully in the below screenshot used in Flooby Nooby's  ''Line of Action'' tutorial.

Also, remember you don't have to use a full rig. It could be a festive pendulum or ball bounce.You could even use a short piece of dialogue. Everyone's christmas is different so its really up to you!

As always frame rate should be 24fps, and animation length should be about 100-125f. Deadline is 19th December. Remember to keep the animations family friendly and please check the ''How to Participate'' section for more notes on submission requirements.


Character Design