Wednesday 4 April 2012

MC 29: Lets take a walk in the park

This is the first time I'm creating a Mini Challenge, so I hope you all are going to participate nicely and enjoy yourselves.

Right, so here's the drill:

Everybody has done walkcycles by the hundreds, I'm sure, but what most people are neglecting a bit is the (not-that-easy) task of having a character start walking, and while this might usually lead into a vanilla walk, to do something different, why not have the character enjoy his walk the same way you enjoy animating it?

You don't need to add a park, of course :D

In this task, you might learn a bit about anticipation, weight, and conveying emotions through body language rather than through facial expressions.

There are multitudes of different walks, even if they're timed similar, they might look completely different.

To get you a bit exited I'd like to post this awesome animated Animators Survival Kit logo made by the great Richard Williams himself!

Since we started late, and this be a fairly complicated task, I'd like to set the deadline to the 23rd of april. Try and stay within a 75-125 frame range.

If you're having troubles, have a look at the how to use dropbox and the how to participate links to the right of this post, and please try to keep the video below a size of 10 MB.

Now have fun!