Monday 23 April 2012

MC 30: Get running!

Building upon the last challenge, I thought you might want to do something similar this time. Like I said before, doing cycles is a feat every animator has done by the 1000s, but transitioning between two modes of movement is something that gets neglected pretty often. But - no worries - that's what were here for, right? :D

So what I would like you to do is to have a character start running while it is already walking. Basically that's it already.

But as you might already know me, this is just half of the drill. As you all should know, thinking leads to conclusions; emotions lead to action. So, I want you to first picture the reason why this character starts running?
Does she see her boyfriend kissing another girl and runs to him, angrily? Or runs away, depressed and broken-hearted?
Or maybe he is fetching his wife from the airport and spots her after not seeing her for three weeks?
Maybe a passerby is witnessing a car crash and rushes to help? Or rushes to get a look if someone got hurt or died?
There are multitudes of possibilities for you to explore, so dig in!
You do not need to show (I mean actually display) the reason why this character is running, but we should be able to see the character's emotions and reason to start running.

I'll keep the challenge at three week for now, so the new deadline would be May, 14th.

As always, try to keep the video length to 75-125 frames.

Here's a link to how to use the dropbox, please try and keep the videos below 10 MB, and if any more questions arise, Steve did a nice FAQ here.

Now have fun!