Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Tips for drawing and taking criticism

Tips for Drawing

We can quickly start to feel like we will never reach our goals. This is challenging and it can really hinder your ability to be creative. In this post from Animator Island they offer a simple solution to kick start your thinking.

It's about your shot, not about you

Criticism is a very important part of learning animation. We work hours and hours on a shot hit playblast and send it out to the world. Sending it out at first can be very very hard to do and as a beginner you want it to be great! The reality is, we are always learning. Sometimes you can't see what is missing from your shot and what you get told isn't quite what you wanted. This post tells a story just like that. It is important that when we solicit advice we are doing so hopefully from people who want to see us succede. Don't take things personally and remember the criticism is about your shot and not you.

Keep animating! 


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