Sunday 1 May 2011

Facial takes

During the mini-challenge I wished to present a few facial takes from movies. Its a bit late, but here is just sample, embedded using quicktime so you may go through frame by frame.

What I found of curious interest is The Little Mermaid clip. Watching frame by frame, you notice Arial's hand shield her face which is pressed down on the bed on the very next frame. Continuation error, probably not. Instead maybe its a device used to anticipate the push up on the bed. Still an interesting choice.

The clip in Aladdin presents an interesting take between two characters. Aladdin remains assured figure while he takes Jasmine through a whole new adventure.While in Megamind, look how the spacing of the eye moment allows the eyes to lead the turn of the head, even over a short number of frames.

At Victor Navone's Online Gallery, Navone also takes you through a take he produced for Pixar's Incredibles. Well worth checking out

I wish to highlight the first sentence, written in the words of the great animator himself.
'Animating a facial "take" (a surprised reaction) seems simple enough in concept, but once you get into it you'll find it requires as much understanding of animation principles as any other performance you might try to create.'

Those who entered this week's challenge certainly found it challenging. It is hard, but with a firm grip of the principles, the results can look breathtaking. Have a good and enjoy!!