Monday 30 May 2011

Mc week 9: stand up from being seated

Hello guys and gals,
This fortnight's challenge is going to be 'stand up from being seated', taking place between Monday 30th May until Monday 13th June.

Key elements:
1) Personality. Glen Keane has shown one way, but be great to see a range of characters by different animators. Ask yourself who is this person, why is he standing up?  Somebody sitting in a doctors surgery receiving a jab is going to be much more reluctant, than somebody going to answer the door to friend. Maybe something scared him/her out of the seat?
2) This is very much part of the first element, but it's a big one. Think about how your scene opens and finishes. How does your character's motivation for both sitting and getting up, affect both the first and final key poses.
3) The shifts in weight. Look for ways to play with asymmetry.

A good frame limit once again would be 100f. You can go under or over, but most importantly tell a story with the action.

To give you guys a rough idea, here is a great Glen Keane demonstration of an old man getting up.
Hope you participate, be creative and have fun!!