Saturday 7 May 2011

Slow Motion

Hey guys and gals,
Looking through 'The Illusion of Life' you'll find many great examples of how the face squashes and stretchs, for example Dopey as he shakes his head. Yet it is hard to believe how are faces do just that in real life.

Yet studying slow motion footage, you'll find just that. I would like to highlight  the clip football to face created by the Slow Mo guys. I've grabbed a still illustrating distortion of the face against the squash of the ball. A similar example is Brainiacs' Super slow mo slap in the face

Give yourself permission to use the principles to play, but remember to keep in mind 'that we cannot do the fantastic things based on the real, unless we first know the real' (Walt Disney). Practice how a head turns, or body parts move, learn the basics before pushing them to the extremes.

There are many fine examples of slow motion on the net, make sure you browse through and have a look. I'll leave you with this flu jab advert, where the slow motion is used as anticipation for the whole clip. Enjoy!!