Tuesday 17 May 2011

Mc 8: The Box Jump

Hello guys and gals,
This fortnight's challenge is going to be a jump on or/and off of a box. I asked Keith Lango for advice on creating good exercises and this was on the list for practicing body mechanics.
The challenge starts on Monday 16th and runs until Monday 30th.
Key elements:
1) the anticipation of the jump
2) the contact position (offsetting body parts so they arrive at different times)
3) the land (does the character land still, crouched like a gymnast before posing, does the momentum of the jump mean the character needs to take a couple more steps before stopping. Have a play)
4) the overlapping action of the spine.

There's room to be creative in the type of jump you wish to portray. Is the box like a diving board with a somersault off?? Is it an acrobatic jump? If so study gymnasts. If its a reluctant diver, shoot some character reference. Enjoy!!

A good frame limit would be 100f. Thinking 150 max as six seconds is a lot of work and imagine the quality ones could be much shorter.

Hope you participate, be creative and have fun!!

p.s. to give you guys a rough idea, here is a great animation mentor example from 2009
click here

p.s. don't forget to check out the entries for the walk cycle challenge, to be posted on the blog shortly