Tuesday 12 July 2011

Lighting tutorials

Hey guys and gals,
I have recently spotted a fabulous posting on the main site by Jonah, featuring several beautiful lighting lighting tutorials.

Three point lighting
The first tutorial presents how to set up a three-point-lighting system, created by Joel Finney, a new student at Animation Mentor. Joel provides a strikingly indepth discussion, with lots of helpful tips. Definately worth watching!
Please click on the image to view the tutorial.

Character Design

Itchy Animation
Next Jonah offers a link to Itchy Animation's detailed tutorial of how light works outside of the pc. This can be very intuitive for those who wish to build upon their lighting knowledge, to understand its rules and develop and create their own setups. This one could also be particularly handy for 2d creatives.

Ciaran Dempsey
The last one I wish to leave you guys with is a tutorial by Ciaran Dempsey, an Irish Animator currently coming to the end of his studies at AM. Ciaran's work is amazing and well worth checking out. The renders of his demo reels have been consistantly beautiful, with each rig containing a lovely soft edge which really helps separate your animation from the background elements.
Please click on the pic to view the tutorial

Character Design

Hope you these useful!