Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Online life drawing tool

Hey guys,
For those who wish to experiment with different online life drawing models, please check out this great range by Drawing Script. It hosts a beautiful collection of both male and female models, with a great gadget to set the length of time you wish for each pose to be exposed.



  1. Thanks for that =D

    Might i also recommend this one please?

  2. hey andrew, glad u like.

    if u hit the life drawing tab you will find pixel lovely and more :)

  3. Thanks *oops* i should really have noticed that.

    Just want to say that this is an excellent blog!

    Thanks to you guys for making and maintaining it.

  4. thanks a lot, it really is helpfull and interesting^^

    I'm discovering that blog, and the website associated, and it really is amazing how much ressources and interesting blog posts i'm finding! Thanks for all of that :)

  5. Thanks Steve! This is awesome! :)

  6. A great website for life drawing is instead of a flat image you get 360° images that feel more lifelike.