Monday 11 July 2011

Mc 12: Give it some swing

He swings and......
This challenge is all about sports and swinging an object. Take your favorite sport and animate your character performing an action from it. If you want to inject some personality into it great! Could be a baseball batsman, a tennis player or perhaps a golfer. Maybe your a seasoned pro-wrestler about to hit somebody with a chair!!

Think about all the mechanics that go into an action in any sport. The anticipation needed to generate power. The arc of the movement. The weight shift. The follow through. The settle. Try and incorporate all the principles into your piece of animation.

Remember to plan your animation out before you start animating. If you cant shoot yourself, check out or there should be an overwhelming amount of reference material for you to use.

Most of all have fun. Pick your favourite action of your favorite sport. If you havent checked out the goofy playing sports clips youtube that and there is an abundance of inspiration to be found.

Have fun animating!

p.s. please don't forget, the entries are now to be submitted in 16:9 ratio. Makes for much better presentation