Monday 25 July 2011

MC 13: the sneeze!

Hello guys and girls,
With summer being a ripe time for hayfever, it seemed most fitting to produce this fortnight's challenge on sneezing!

Sneezing seems a wonderful challenge for animation due to its anticipation and involuntary reaction. Some catch us unawares and spring up when least wanted or expected. The moment the sneeze is released, pretty much anything could happen, so be creative and have a play with the idea.

To give you an example of a possible solution to the challenge, please check out this beautiful animation by Stina Boberg, inspired by Sneezy the dwarf.

Again the animation could be aware between 75-125 frames. If you have any questions about submission requirements, please check How-to-participate section for more details.

Most importantly have fun!

If you wish to see more of Stina's recent work, please check out her 11 second club thread.

Thank you!