Wednesday 15 February 2012

Animation Mentor tips: Workflow

Hello guys and gals,

An important aspect of building a successful animation is developing a workflow that works for you. Its important to start by understanding the rig you are working with. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Glen Mcintosh discusses in an Animation Mentor post the importance of simply selecting keys and finding out how different parts look rotating and translating, before even a key is set.

In February's AM  Tip of the Month, Jim Brown and Brian Mendenhall discuss how their workflows can develop and change depending on the shot. Of note, they discuss the importance to understand know how you will work your way out from blocking to splining.

On Carlos Baena's personal website, AM's co-founder discusses in detail his planning for Pixar feature film Incredibles. From researching what has been done before, to thumbnailing to shooting footage with a camera, the post is a indepth informative tutorial that forms an amazing read.

Lastly, I wish to leave you with an Animation Lounge interview with Shawn Kelly. With his animation celebrated already for his work on Yoda and the Hulk, Shawn's indepth discussion covers content which is as important today as it was when written in 2006.