Sunday 12 February 2012

Fraser Maclean, Bobby "Boom" Beck and nothing wasted

Hey everyone,
I've been sitting on a few links all week so lets get to it. 

Fraser Maclean

Onanimation has posted a great interview with Fraser Maclean, the writer of "Setting the Scene: The Art and Evolution of Animation Layout." Have a look for some great insight and fun pictures.

Bobby Beck

Bobby posted a great observation on his blog about peoples reels and how they frame their shots. The second one I need to get much better at.

Nothing Is Wasted

The final blog post comes from Animator Island. The idea that messing up is part of the process is something I struggled so hard with this for so long and now I just go over things over and over. My first animation teacher did it to me when he suggested that I only sketch in pen. The idea sounded nuts! After 5 years I still only sketch in pen, books and books full with drawing over drawing layered on top.