Tuesday 21 February 2012

Advice on studying animation

Last time I checked in with you I talked about how we all have bad days. Sometimes we just can't get what we want from our craft. There may often be times you watch work produced by your peers and ask yourself "How am I ever going to compete with the animator who did this shot?" If so, it's time to switch gears! Your new question should be "How can I learn from the animator who did this shot?"

The ''Lozt Boyz'' post titled ''How I Study Animation'' offers a method to review work of your peers and also your own, in order to push timing, lines of action and other animation principles.

This method can also help to provide feedback to others, offering a clear way to suggest improvements. I can often be found going frame by frame with my wacom trying to push poses and get into their head. Being able to dissect everything that an animator has done can help train your eye and improve your own work. Keep watching the pros work, but don't get discouraged, get inspired!