Thursday 2 February 2012

Tony Bancroft guest speech 2011

Character Design

Hello guys and gals,

Recently, Mulan Co-director Tony Bancroft provided an inspirational guest speech at the 2011 Animation Film Festival located at the Academy of Art University's School of Animation & Visual Effects.

Please click the image to check it out!

Of interest are his thoughts on the current condition of the 2D interest. With executives choosing to invest their money into 3D projects, it is difficult to see where the next huge traditional feature will come from. Have we truely seen the end of films made similiar to Lady and the Tramp, Lion King and Beauty  and the Beast? Let's hope not, but instead look forward to a time when doubters may bow and acknowledge another 2D masterpiece.

Of interest is the article, How Basil Saved Disney Feature Animation, published by The Disney feature was produced during Tony's student studies at Calarts. Who could have predicted then that a mouse would pop up and save the day, opening the door for Disney's next golden era that Tony was such a successful part of.

Please find part two here. Enjoy!