Wednesday 1 June 2011

Walk cycle tutorial - Using reference

Socks! They come in black, white, yellow, pink, blue, as well as green and purple. What colour are mine?? It doesn't matter, particularly to Matthew Finch who bet me 20 bucks his walkcycle tutorial was going to blow my socks off. Now I have to walk around in sandals!

Most importantly, here it finally is guys and gals. Firstly covering the lower part of the body, Matthew takes us through how to use reference to quickly produce a walkcycle with personality. Lots of details discussing not only how, but why. When asked about adding these little details, Matthew said 'never take anything for granted, not everyone will notice you skipped things but someone will'.

Those who wish to get the most out of this tutorial, we recommend taking both your own reference and these tips, and trying a new cycle

Just like to add a thank you to Matthew for creating it.

Now, have fun and enjoy!

Part one: Root up and down

Part two: Legs and feet

Part three: feet continued

Part four: Hips
Part five: the spine