Saturday 7 January 2012

24 Hour Challenge

Gotta Make em Laugh!
This is to officially announce the start of the first 24 hour challenge(hosted by us)!
This challenges theme is "Gotta Make em Laugh"

I'm sure most of us will agree one of the main attractions to animation is it's ability to make us laugh. So this challenge is all about laughing.
They say laughter is contagious so the best way to make someone laugh is to laugh yourself. So without further ado, let's all get laughing.
Here's how to enter this 24 hour challenge.

-Download one or all of the audio files below.
-Choose your favorite one.
-Log into Skype. (If you haven't been contacted by Steve or myself on your skype. Please message me at cosmicfool_animator and I will add you to the Skype chat room a.s.a.p.)
-Start animating.

You will have till the end of the next day to submit your finished piece.
Failure to deliver it on time will result in it not being shown with all of the finished entries.

We recommend that you keep your shot size to the number of frames contained in the audio file or less. 2-4 seconds is optimal. I know the time limit is short, but it is encouraged to plan your shot out as best as you can before you start animating. Take some time, shoot some reference, draw some thumbnails, whatever it is you do to prepare before you animate do. Get some feedback on it from your friends on Skype. Now stop reading this post and start animating!

If you are unfamiliar with uploading to dropbox, please find a tutorial here

Here are the sound files. Good luck to everyone!

File One
File Two
File Three
File Four
File Five
File Six
File Seven
File Eight