Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Beauty and the Beast: a few links

Hey guys and gals,
To celebrate the 3D release of Beauty and the Beast, I hope it this may be an appropriate to share a library of links.

Some beautiful concept art can be found on the fan made blog, The Art of Glen Keane. I particular love seeing how Glen has thought about the skeleton structure of the character. Please also check out the concept work for his other characters, like Aladdin and Ariel.

To read Glen's thoughts on creating the dominant force that is the Beast, head over to Animated Views.

The next resource I wish to show is a clip presented on youtube, of Beauty and the Beast producer talking about the art, craft and passion that Glen breathed into the transformation scene.
For those who haven't seen the film, I must warn you it shows the pencils animation of the films ending. It is however, truely beautiful to watch.

Last up and equally breathtaking, is the work of Andreas Deja. Andreas shares his thoughts and line tests for producing the evil villain, Gaston. This can be found on his blog, Deja View, which just streams post after post of beautiful content. A must for the bookmark!

Please click the pic to enjoy. 

Character Design


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