Monday 16 January 2012

MC 25: Let's fight!

Character Design Hello guys and gals,
After a shot break, we are now hoping to recommence the two week mini-challenges. The theme for this challenge stems from a post in November, where we provided a link to the Art-Eater blog, where Richmond Chaisiri discusses the animation principles used in Capcom's 1994 title, Darkstalkers. Please read our post again here.

We invite you to be creative with this challenge and create a fighting move of your choice, however please base your creative thoughts upon the core animation principles. Depending on your choice of character, this could be a great opportunity to experiment with weight, timing and spacing. Is your character is super strong like the Hulk or maybe a Jedi sword master? Is your character's actions based on a particular sport or animal? You may wish to use your favourite video game as inspiration (for example Tekken, Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter). Maybe your character is a chain belt master, with Bruce Lee as his teacher! Its up to you.

Creativity and solid animation are key to this task, so keep it simple and maybe just animate a single move.

However you choose to do battle, its time to test your might!!

As always the animation could be anywhere between 75-125 frames. If you have any questions about submission requirements, please check How-to-participate section for more details. Deadline is Monday 30th January.