Thursday 9 June 2011

Facial expression charts

Hello people,
Here's one for those struggling with facial expressions. Both resources are detailed and well put together. Hope you enjoy! Facial expressions
Joumana Medlej, has created a huge chart, detailing the key signs for different moods. Better still, they are nicely grouped, so if your expression doesn't quite say what you want it to, check the chart and it will provide great pointers for which areas to push and pull.
To view the chart, please click on the picture or to visit the website

Lackadaisy's 'Notes on Expressions'
Of a similar nature is this one for the feline lovers. Hosted on the Lackadaisy, Tracy Butler discusses in detail how to create expressions, presenting them in a beautiful illustrated chart of cartoon cats.
The cartoon strip is a goldmine, illustrating how choice of expressions can be dependant depending on the personality of the character.
To visit the Lackadaisy, please click on the pic. Thank you