Monday 6 June 2011

Quality vs. Quantity

Jason Schleifer from Dreamworks has put together a great set of posts at his Blog that focuses on Quality vs. Quantity. It does a great job on breaking down the things to look for and how to get the most product out of your deadlines. It's is a five parter but worth every second of the read.

Animation Quality Vs. Quantity – The Great Debate! (Part 1)
Animation Quality Vs Quantity – Learning To Focus. (Part 2)
Animation Quality Vs. Quantity – What About Quality?! (Part 3)
Animation Quality Vs Quantity – Intent (Part 4)
Animation Quality Vs Quantity – Finding The Intent (Part 5)

Of particular interest could be how to breakdown a shot after receiving feedback. It may seem a bit disheartening when told that a shot needs improving. Sometimes its hard to know where to even begin to start, particularly when your own eyes no longer feel fresh??

Jason has provided a method of grouping your workload into two main areas acting and animation. A checklist has been provided which can really help to take a step back and look at different areas of your work. By going back and making sure you are happy how each of the areas add to your animation, it will quickly push and polish your work to the next level.