Monday 13 June 2011

MC 10: hand and ball interaction

Hello guys,
I am personally fascinated by the movement of hands in animation. They can be used to create some wonderful assymetry in animation, and can be very expressive just by themselves. Here are three wonderful examples.

Let us also not forget The Thing out of adams family. Each example shows great character.

The challenge is present interaction between ball and hand, preferably to pick the ball up. This set up shows a guideline for presentation

Think about hand poses, break up those fingers to form some interesting silhouettes and think about what they can express. Does the hand creep up on the ball like a tiger and pounce? Does it wave like a magician? How light is the ball?

For those wishing an easier task, place the ball already in the hand and throw it off screen. Warning though, this challenge is hard but it believe could produce some great results.

Frame rate should be 24fps, and animation length should be about 100-125f.

Hope you guys can get involved and enjoy!